About Us

About us

General Company Description

Nalietec LLC is an educational services and software company. Our products consist of Teaching resources, Learning resources, animations, parent portal and livestreaming of classes and extra mural activities

Our vision

To provide a world class learning platform with resources that promote a problem-solving mentality in both teachers and learners. We are determined to see every learner succeed hence we offer a self-paced curriculum that makes learning flexible and cost effective. We would like students to obtain incredibly good grades that will ensure progression in maths related careers.

Our Mission

To provide top class profound learning material, efficient methods and creating a perfect blend of technology and curriculum. Nalietec will ensure customization in learning for each learner and evaluation making it easy for the teachers to monitor progress and attend to problem areas.

Our values

We believe that learning is dynamic and imploring new methods and techniques will change the classroom experiences for teachers and learners.
Learning and teaching of mathematics should be interesting, inspiring, and bringing solutions to our everyday lives…Nalietec INSPIRES
We believe each day comes with a new challenge and a new experience to learn… Nalietec NAVIGATES
We believe in different views and different approaches to problem solving… Nalietec is INNOVATIVE
We are all responsible in making a difference in each other’s lives to ensure growth and prominent future leaders…Nalietec BUILDS

Our objectives

To offer remedial support to students

To enable learners to monitor their progress

To extend teaching and learning beyond the school

To expose students to a variety of questions relevant for mastery of concepts of each topic

To in cooperate modern technology in our learning